Mini Bio/Contact Page

 I have been writing stories, articles, poems...since I was in the single digits, age-wise! Writing is one of my true, lifelong passions. When I am working on a new writing project, I feel content, fulfilled and "in the zone". When I can forget for hours at a time to bother with eating or other ordinary tasks; to get "just one more line, paragraph or page completed", I know that this is what I am meant to be doing.
In addition to writing, I have many other creative interests. I love to cook and to create recipes, a talent that has lead me to write numerous vegetarian cookbooks, including the award-winning: Not Just for Vegetarians.
My most recent cookbooks: The Groovy Green Kitchen series, has carried on those recipe traditions of hearty, homestyle cooking, the vegetarian way but definitely NOT just for vegetarians!
I also love to craft in a variety of mediums: sewing, knitting, jewelry-making, painting.... Many years ago, these skills lead to my work as a craft instructor and a newspaper columnist with one of of Canada's major newspapers and the publication of my first book in 1994: A Year of Crafts for Children and Adults. 
When I finally pry myself away from the computer, knitting needles or sewing machine....I love to spend time outdoors, exploring our new home on Vancouver Island, in supernatural British Columbia, Canada. And for any readers who have been to this diverse and unique island, I'm sure you will agree that "supernatural" is not overstating the magnificence of this special place. 
 You can contact me at:
geraldine h hartman    @ gmail.  com    (spaces removed)